Made to Measure

We are all not made equal when it comes to our body types. Not every size 12 is the same, some are a combination of sizes such as an 8 at the top and 12 towards the bottom.  Because this can cause fit issues and constant trip to the tailor we want to make sure you get the right fit when ordering a piece from us.

Made to measure is not a new business model, JFH has always operated this way since we first launch and we realize how important it is.  Customer feedbacks and request for specific size adjustment is what’s motivating us to continue this service and add to it.

Aside from adding your measurements we want you to have a little bit more option because again it’s all about individual body type. What works for one person as a maxi won’t work for the next customer because knee length might better suite their style.  Now you will have the options for length, sleeve type and more. Each collection released will come with suitable design options and some will not be restricted by season.

Placing your order

  • Select your fabric option
  • Select Design options
  • Add your measurements
  • Pay in full or pay over time
  • Your piece is made within 3-4 weeks
  • You’ll receive notification once your order is shipped

Fabric Selection

Our fabric selection consist of wax print sourced from Africa, natural fibers including 100% cotton, linen, silk and hemp (preferably all organic).

We adore handmade batik by our friend N’ketiah fabrics based in the US and Ghana. His handmade batik are one of a kind, rich and bright.  Because these designs aren’t repeated your piece will be one, maybe two or three of kind.

Lastly we collect vintage fabric or may repurpose old garments to reproduce something special.

Reducing Waste

Part of our mission for producing ethically is to eliminate the issue of dead stock. While our standard practice is to reuse or repurpose any unsold items, we prefer to produce as our customers order so we help drive down the issue of waste.

Our line of upcoming quilt and patchwork items, “Re fè”- redo in Haitian krèyol will reflect our repurposed and the use of scrap material from previous items.